About David

Well what can I tell you about myself...

My name is David Paul Cowley. I’m 53 years old and I have lived on the beautiful Isle Of Man all of my life. Since I was a youngster, really going back as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved creating artwork is some form or another, whether it be to draw pictures or paint watercolours etc.,

I loved doing artwork at school when I was younger, but I left school early to pursue an apprenticeship and life long career in painting and decorating, for which I loved doing all my life with a real passion. So I can hand on my heart confess to you all now, that I am a totally a self taught artist. Although I’ve always been a member, well... on and off all my life of the Isle Of Man Art Society, here on the Isle Of Man.

But, with hand on my heart and if I was to be truly honest with you all, my first love and passion has always been to create art in one form or another. And as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m happiest when I’m either drawing with a pencil or painting with watercolours.